Premium CBD Oils to be Launched by Supreme Cannabis

Premium CBD oils and marijuana leaves
Source: Discover Magazine

Though CBD as a herb has already gained widespread popularity and attention all across the world, it is only the starting point of what is possible in the industry. A large number of companies are involved in developing their range of CBD oils, beverages, beauty products, edibles and more and the medical industry is working on introducing cannabis-based pharmaceutical products. Overall, cannabis retail market possibilities remain open to a great extent and more and more companies constantly progress with new products to be either launched now or in the future. 

Recently, one such company named Supreme Cannabis Inc. announced the introduction of their line of Cannabidiol Oil products that are expected to reach the Canadian shelves by April. According to a statement by the company, the CBD oils would be produced with the use of high-end cannabis cultivated by 7Acres and formulated to preserve the naturally occurring terpenes. Every bottle would contain a superior quality, proprietary blend of purified terpenes and Cannabis oils. Other variants of the product would be introduced in June. 

Supreme Cannabis Inc. is a publicly traded Canadian company dedicated to providing premium products reflecting its innovative culture and people. It owns a subsidiary, the award-winning brand 7Acres, the licensed producer of CBD operating in a huge facility in Ontario. The success of 7Acres reflects in its multiple award achievements including the 2018 ‘Brand of the Year’ award at the Canadian Cannabis Awards. 

As premium CBD Oils require premium cannabis, the formulation would make use of the advanced CO2 technology to make premium-quality, highly purified oil re-formulated with naturally occurring terpenes from high-end cannabis grown in 7Acres. The CEO of Supreme Cannabis proudly states that the end result of their unique process is unique, plant-derived cannabis oil with award-winning properties of the flower transferred into a product that serves the needs of consumers looking for the top-class cannabis experience. 

Back in November 2018, Supreme Cannabis Inc. had first announced its idea of launching a premium cannabis oil product line. The company had also announced its three-year partnership deal with MediPharm Labs as a way to accomplish this. The industry leader in cannabis extraction and production of pharmaceutical cannabis oils, MediPharm Labs has acquired a license from Health Canada for processing cannabis products. The CEO added that such a partnership was made to allow the company to launch the product fast. With the evolution of the Cannabis industry in Canada, they expected market segmentation. Dedicated experts focusing on downstream activities emerged too. The company looks forward to delivering the high-end CBD Oil experience through the premium products derived from the best flower produced. 

Following the announcement, the shares of Supreme Cannabis Inc. increased by 2 percent on the trading session. The company has, however, recovered to the levels before its decline. The stock prices were higher in January 2018 and the current prices are strong enough to return back to the all-time high levels. 

Supreme Cannabis plans to ship the oil products initially to selected markets before expanding the distribution of the new line to other provinces which could be expected by June. However, magic mushrooms Canada have been used for thousands of years for both spiritual and medicinal uses among indigenous people of America and Europe.